27 November 2010

Well, I Didn't Know You Could Buy THAT at Target.

Today I got this Target holiday catalog/advertisement thing in the mail.  It contained a bunch of decent coupons (coupons I might need to use if I wasn't already done Christmas shopping!) and pretty pictures and such, so I was thumbing through it.  I got to this coupon for Legos, and I was all, "Hell yeah, Legos!  I love Legos!"

And then I looked a little more closely.

Wait a second.

A slave ship?  Really?  Couldn't have called it a "rocket cruiser" or something a little less startling?

Now, I will happily admit here that I am clueless about Star Wars.  I haven't seen the movies, and I don't want to ever see the movies.  But I'm guessing that there is some kind of slave ship in one of them?  I just question the marketing approach in neglecting to find a proper euphemism for the children's toy.  And maybe I'm just stuffy or a prude or a crazy liberal, but something about giving a kid a slave ship for Christmas just doesn't sit right with me.

"Hey, little Timmy.  What'd you get for Christmas?"
"A slave ship."

Maybe that's why it's $10 off?

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