15 November 2010

This and That

1. Getting super pumped about Thanksgiving.  We're headed to the White Hot Household for the feast and festivities.  Check out the menu that Cassie has planned.  But let me warn you first: you will be jealous.  (Only six more school days until Thanksgiving fun!)

2. My friend wanted me to take her Nikon D40 and figure out how to use it so that I can show her how to use it.  Uh, okay!  So I have in my possession a fancy camera, and a crazy lens baby, and I've been doing some experimenting.   Do you think she'll notice if I accidentally forget to return it?  What if I return to her a hunk of chocolate that's shaped like a camera?

Clearly, I have a lot of learning to do.

3.  I can't wait to finish watching It's Complicated on HBO.  I was watching it the other night, but movie narcolepsy set in and I didn't finish.  If I had to have an ex-husband, I would love nothing more than for him to be Alec Baldwin.  Matt said that he wouldn't like that because Alec Baldwin is so manly and he would be intimidating.  I guess it's good that I don't have an ex-husband. 

4.  Yesterday I went with my friend to the Flannery O'Connor Childhood Home to listen to a lecture about the origins of Southern cookin'.  It was pretty cool, and I learned a lot.  One of the most interesting parts, to me, was the part where the lecturer, Tim Rutherford, explained how the Moon Pie came to be.  Apparently, it was a last-ditch effort of the Chattanooga Cracker Company to remain relevant, and the pies were shaped to fit into miners' lunchboxes perfectly.  Plus, he brought some Moon Pies to share with us.  Would you believe that I'd never had one?  Also, would you believe that I'd never, in my seven years of living in Savannah, been to Flannery's old house?  I've been missing out!

5.  Joy had her baby!

6.  Target's Christmas stuff this year is wanting.  But I did find these cute little ornaments that look like they're handmade even though I'm sure they're not. 

7.  My fantasy football team, the East Dillon Lions, is in a 4-way tie for first place!  Last night I beat Cris's team, which was formerly in first place all by itself.  I think that the reason that I won was because of the coaching skills of the handsome Eric Taylor.  I also won, I believe, because I have lions and she has gorillaz (yes, with a z), and apparently lions are more ferocious.  Also, because I have a husband who takes care of all of that fantasy football stuff for me and lets me take all of the credit.  Of course, I should be keeping my mouth shut, because last time I bragged about my team, I lost two games in a row.  Roar!

8.  I've been trying to be a more healthy eater, in theory at least.  Matt just suggested traveling to Mexico for margaritas and a burrito especial.  And when someone recommends margaritas and burritos, you never say no.  At least I don't.

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