28 March 2011

Lordy, Lordy, Look Who's. . .



Me.  It's me.

But I think that I"m going to tell people that I'm forty, so that they all remark on how great I look.  Yeah, that's a good idea.

Truth be told, I'm not crazy about the idea of being thirty, if only because that's official adult territory, and I don't really know that I belong in official adult territory.  I still decorate my house like it's a dorm room, for Christ's sake!

It was much easier for me when it was just other people who turned thirty.  Yes, that was better.  Me, all full of life and in my twenties.  Them, closer to death.

Speaking of that.  My friend Cris (you know Cris), came over on Saturday night for a night of arts and crafts, and she insisted that I listen to Tim McGraw's "My Next Thirty Years" at some point during my birthday.  And that seemed easy enough.  Except that when I made myself a little "My Next Thirty Years" station on Pandora, the first song that played was "Live Like You Were Dying."  WTF, Pandora!?!  You don't have to rub it in!

But, you know, I've been spending my days with 15-year olds for the last five years, so I've been feeling old forever.  This is nothing new.  Plus, I really like my life, so who cares if I'm old.  Right?  Right?

Thirty is stupid.

But--BUT!--thirtieth birthdays are super fun.  At least mine was.  Aside from the fact that the pollen has been trying its hardest to kill me (is it weird that I'm always sick on my birthday?), the last few days have been  just fantastic.  Here's what our weekend looked like.

Deciding that we didn't want to cook dinner and turning to the bolognese we had in the freezer.

Celebrating our seventh Mitchaversary!

Monitoring wine pours.

Cute fuzzy caterpillars that are way more cute when they're on leaves 
than they are when they're on handles that I have to grab in the dark.  Blarg!

Oh, that dog.

Lunch at Umami.

Crazy hail/thunderstorm.  What the hail?

Flooded carport bistro.


Cold and rainy outside.  Warm and cozy inside. 

What a lovely way to ring in this, my fourth decade of life.

I do look great for forty, don't you think?


  1. Happy Birthday! I'm right behind you--thanks for making it look oh so fun :) Glad your celebration was so full--best wishes for a great year Mandy.

  2. OK, you might hate me for pointing this out... but you did just start your fourth decade. First was ages 0-9, second was 10-19, third was 20-29... so, yeah, you are in your fourth decade. Probably most people won't realize that means you're thirty so you can tell people you are in your fourth decade, they'll assume you're forty and you won't be lying!

  3. Yeah, I know it's the fourth decade. But I think I still will pretend to be forty. I'll see how that goes, and if it's good, it'll be fun. You know, like when you think it's like 7:00 a.m. but then you realize it's only 5:00 a.m. and you get to sleep for a couple of hours. Does that make sense?

    When is your birthday, Joy?



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