01 March 2011

Operation: Skinny Unicorn*

So, as I've mentioned here recently, I am currently so fat that I will soon be wearing tarps as clothing. Also, I'm about three bowls of Homemade Samoa Ice Cream away from exceeding the weight limit for my desk chair. My car is scraping the bottom of the road when I drive, and I'm kind of afraid that it's going to catch fire or something, and then I'll get into a fiery crash.**

And, by the way, I'm not at all confused about why I'm fat. I know that it's because I eat way too much and don't move around enough. Whaaaaaaaaaa? You mean that eating an entire loaf of French bread as a quick snack and then lying on the couch watching Teen Mom II isn't going to make me thin and beautiful? Well, shoot.

So, anyway, it's time to make a change, and I'm motivated to make this change (finally!). On Sunday, when Matt and I were heading to the beach, I was talking to him about how I wanted to join Weight Watchers. And then when I got home I talked to Shecky and she said that she wanted to join with me.

And, in our classic form, because we are ridiculously competitive maniacs, Shecky and I decided that we should make it a contest. So we are competing to see who can lose the most weight (in a healthy, non-crash diet kind of way). The sad thing about this contest is that Shecky and I, what with our tendency to cheat in contests such as these***, have had to lay down a few extra ground rules.

For example, if Shecky (who is prone to illness) gets so sick that she has to go to the hospital and she loses weight because of the sickness, that doesn't count.

Also, I am not allowed to mail her baked goods, or hundreds of Cadbury Cream Eggs.****

Our contest will end on August 1, and the person who has lost the most weight wins. The loser, then, must purchase for the winner a nice pair of shoes that the winner desires.

NOW, if both of us lose 40+ pounds (which would be hard, but is certainly do-able), then we get a much bigger prize which has yet to be determined. Any suggestions?

Don't worry, though. This blog isn't going to transform into some daily record of meals and tenths of pounds lost. And I'm not going to stop making delicious desserts, either. I'll just have to eat smaller bowls of ice cream and fewer cupcakes. You might see some more sorbets and yogurts, but I can assure you that none of them will be made with Splenda or Diet Coke.

So there you have it. My quest to be less fat. Wish me luck! (I really want these.)

*Unicorn because Shecky and I were/are both big fans of the Sweet Valley Twins and High books, and in college we considered ourselves honorary members of the Unicorns because we were basically bullies who loved to wear purple.

**Safety first, people.

***See, also: The Great American Girls v. Boys Keg Race of 2002.



  1. Meetings and etools. I'm still figuring out the whole thing. I'll have to talk to you to get some tips (sorry, was in the middle of a coma nap when you called this afternoon).

    What do you do?

  2. I'm doing WW too...but don't tell anyone. I have this uber obnoxious ex-coworker who "does" Weight Watchers, but really all shes worried about is OTHER people watching her weight. So she makes this big huge show of it, but I know secretly eats a dozen cupcakes and a bag of Lays every night when no one can see her.
    I know I can't get in on the contest, because #1: I'm not buying you a pair of shoes when I have to spend $60 to get started and #2: If I don't win, I'm gonna pout and eat a dozen cupcakes and a bag of Lays. But maybe, if we all lose 40 pounds we can go on a cruise together. Whaddya think?

  3. A cruise would just make us put the 40 pounds back on (though it would be a VERY fun few trip). A few other people are joining Operation: Skinny Unicorn, and I think you totally should. I'll call you this weekend and we'll discuss.

    Oh, and coworkers can be so annoying, can't they?



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