16 March 2011

This and That

1.  If Richard Blais doesn't win Top Chef All-Stars, then I will never watch that show again.  If Richard Blais loses to Mike Isabella, then I will never watch TV again.  Mike Isabella is so skeezy!

2.  There is a handful of movies that I will watch every time I see them on TV.  This list includes, but is not limited to: Groundhog Day, Father of the Bride (parts I and II), Forgetting Sarah Marshall, A River Runs Through It, and the first Sex and the City movie*.  Slate had a pretty cool article recently about what makes a movie re-watchable.  What movies can you watch over and over?

3.  Operation: Skinny Unicorn is going pretty well.  I have been eating much better (and much less!) lately, and have been feeling pretty good.  I say that now.  Last week I might have had a tantrum where I just kept telling Matt, "I'M HUNGRY!"  while throwing my body around like Paul Rudd's character Andy on Wet Hot American Summer.  Maybe I then threw myself on my bed and cried for several minutes and was just a big baby? 

This week has been much better, and I'm determined to win, because I need some new shoes.  Check out my favorite school shoes.

4.  I have tomorrow off of school because it's St. Patrick's Day.  Isn't that awesome?  And Friday is a teacher workday.  Unfortunately, I won't see a ninth grader until Monday.  Oh, shoot.

5.  Modern Family needs to come back with some new episodes.  I'm going through withdrawal!

6.  I've been completely obsessed lately with watching Brothers and Sisters on Netflix instant.  Why is it so good?  Also, it's kind of terrible, and the writing is the worst, but I love it anyway. 

7.  Mitch is still the cutest dog on the planet.

8.  I only have ten more days of my twenties.  That's freaky.

9. I want this flying car.

10. This week Matt and I went over to the dark side; we joined Sam's Club.  You don't have to scold me, but you can judge away.  And then be jealous of the 30-pack of awesome sweet and salty granola bars that we have in our pantry.

*I actually hate the Sex and the City movie, but am, for some god-forsaken reason, completely unable to tear myself away from it--especially the part where Carrie asks, after she was stood up by Big (except not really stood up--she's just crazy), "Will I ever laugh again?"  I really hate that movie, and should institute some sort of punishment for myself each time I watch it.  But isn't watching the movie punishment enough?


  1. Re: 8 - I filled out a survey for work this week where I had to enter my age range. I realized it's the last time I'll be in the 20-29 box. :(

  2. YES-- Richard Blaise should win, no contest.

    THANK YOU-- for one of WHAS's better scenes

    YAHOO-- holidays :)

  3. I think that minute of Wet Hot American Summer ranks among the best minutes in all of film.

  4. But don't you just laugh your ass off at the line where Charlotte Poughkeepsie'd in her pants???? I love that movie. I loved the show, I also watch it every time it comes on. I also watch "Sweet Home Alabama" "Shawshank Redemption" "Bring It On" "Hope Floats" and (don't judge) "Deep Blue Sea" Seriously, I love sharks-gone-crazy movies!

  5. Carly--we are old and it is depressing.

    Caitie--shoot yeah, holidays! How many weeks do you have left of school?

    Sam--it might even be the best minute of film that has ever been recorded. Orson Welles be damned!

    Danielle--I really liked the show back in the day, but the movie is just a little too obnoxious. I will also watch Bring It On every time it is on. Oh, and have you seen Spring Break Shark Attack? It's amazing!



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