14 March 2011


Um, uh, did we get a pet rabbit?

And is this rabbit trying to tell us something?


Nope.  Just a dingo who wanted a little midnight snack.  Phew!*

*Um, also, I was so relieved that it was only dog food in my bed, and not, in fact, excrement.  Where did my life go wrong?**

**Also, it's not like we often have excrement in our bed.***

***Ever.  It's not like we ever have excrement in our bed. 


  1. one of my sister's dogs does that. She gets a mouthful of food from her bowl walks to a spot she likes better. Lets it drop, then nibbles as she pleases. It would make so much sense if there were a TV nearby or... a warm bed to crawl into for example.

  2. Yeah, we find food all over the place. Dogs are so weird. In college I woke up one morning with a bagel under my pillow, though, so I guess I'm not one to talk.



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