21 March 2011

New Favorite Restaurants

Matt and I don't really eat out all that often for the following reasons: it's expensive, and bad for us, and less convenient, and often unsatisfying.  Since we've grown better at cooking at home, we've found that too often we go to a restaurant and spend much of the time talking about how we could make better food at home for a fraction of the cost.  I'm a cheap shrew, what can I say?

But--BUT--we do still really like to eat out when we find a good place.  These places are usually cheap and fun and serve delicious food*, food that we wouldn't make as well at home.  We have a few favorites around Savannah, like Mexico, Saigon, Back in the Day Bakery, and Blowin' Smoke.  And lately we've added two new restaurants to our little rotation.

The first one is Saigon Bistro.  It's a little Vietnamese place that's really close to our house, and the food is ridiculously good and apparently authentic.  (I wouldn't really know if it's actually authentic or not, since I've never been to Vietnam.  The clientele, however, is mostly Vietnamese, which makes us think the food must be pretty authentic.)  It's cheap and fresh and delicious and relatively guilt-free.  Get the pork spring rolls.  You'll be happy you did.

The second one is Sammy Green's.  Um, why is this place so good?  They have a really interesting menu, and, like Saigon Bistro, the food is cheap and fresh and delicious.  Sammy Green's also wins a prize because they can put stuff that I usually don't like (like cucumbers and olives) on something and make me like it.  Shoot yeah, Sammy Green's! 

Anyway, just thought I'd share.  If you live in Savannah or are planning on visiting the SAV anytime soon (we do have a guest room with a comfortable bed, people!), you should check them out.

*Like your mom.  Well, maybe not your mom, but definitely other peoples' moms.

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