27 May 2010

All Smiles

Um, are you kidding me right now with this dog smile?  Reilly had his first boat ride on Sunday, and when he came here to visit that night that was all he and Mitch talked about.  There's just something about a dog on a boat, smiling away.

I've got lots of reasons to smile right now. 
  1. That dog.  Today I was reading The Odyssey with my ninth graders, and it got to the part where Odysseus returns home and his dog recognizes him after twenty years.  It was all I could do not to cry.  All happiness, those creatures are.
  2. Matt.  I really like him.  I also really like that he is the grill master, and that he likes to sing stupid songs with me, and that he tolerates my manic behavior.
  3. Ten more days of school.  Whaaaaa?  Yeah, ten.  Tomorrow that shit will be in the single digits.  I'm also smiling because this has been my best school year yet.
  4. The word shit.  It's my new fave.
  5. This weekend.  Free concert in Forsyth Park tomorrow night (some G Love character), and Hugh and Cassie's after that.  If you don't hear from us, it's probably because we're stuffing our faces with Cassie's amazing cooking. 
  6. My vacuum.  I'm still obsessed.
  7. Enamel colanders.  Beauty.
  8. Netflix Instant.  And the fact that I can lie on the couch and rewatch Friday Night Lights with our Netflix Instant Wii disc.  What did people do before the internet?  Probably just laundry.
  9. Only ten more days of school.  Oh, did I mention that already?
  10. Cupcakes.  I love them, even if they do keep me fat.
  11. Target.  Ours has been a long, hot love affair.
  12. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish.  Makes me feel like a real girl.
  13. George Clooney.  Oh yeah, my prize for getting through The Odyssey with ninth graders is that I get to spend a day watching O Brother Where Art Thou?.  I've seen the movie dozens of times, and never tire of George Clooney's facial expressions. An added bonus is that afterward I get to listen to ninth graders' renditions of "Man of Constant Sorrow."
  14. Oh, and I only have ten more days of school, in case you forgot.
Smiles, smiles all around.

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