18 May 2010

I'll Pineapple Matt.

Okay, so Matt and I are about a month shy of our third wedding anniversary.  Last year I shared stories about our wedding, and this year I've planned to share stories about our honeymoon.  We went to Tulum, Mexico (after receiving rave reviews from friends), and it was the best trip that either of us had ever taken.  But more on that later.  Wait.  I'll give you a preview.  At one point, Matt found himself in the strong embrace of a barfly named Sergio, a man who was, according to our 17-year old margarita magician of a bartender, Gilarberto--a clown.  "Sergio is a clown," Gilarberto told us, after Sergio asked Matt over for a hug (hug, picture. . .what's the difference?)

Why was I talking about this?  I get so distracted by this picture.

Oh yeah!

So, one of our very favorite meals while we were in Mexico was this pork taco and pineapple thing.  It was one of those meals where we were the perfect amount of drunk, the amount of drunk where your ability to enjoy food increases by 2,000,000%.  And we ate the tacos, and they were amazing.  I do not have the recipe for those tacos, sadly enough.

But when I saw Pioneer Woman's post today about chicken pineapple quesadillas, I thought of that meal.

When I suggested it to Matt tonight, he did that shrug thing that makes me want to choke him.  He's not wild about pineapple.

"But what about that meal we had in Mexico?  Our favorite meal of our honeymoon?  Those were pork tacos with PINEAPPLE!" 

It was about then that Matt explained to me that he didn't like pineapple then either, and that I had taken all of his pineapple and eaten it.  This should surprise nobody.

I didn't remember this part of our heavenly pork taco experience, because Gilarberto was a margarita magician, and I was drunk.

Fortunately, Matt is understanding, and when I insisted on making this meal, he grilled me up some pineapple.  He grilled me up some chicken.  He even grilled me up some onions.  And we had quesadillas. 

And you should have them, too.  Because they're f'ing amazing.

PS--learned the trick to BBQ chicken.  You have to put cajun seasoning on it first.  Then it's just. . .perfect.

PPS--just in case you thought I'd bought a new fancy camera and become a great photographer overnight, you can put those ideas aside.  I stole all the food pictures from Pioneer Woman herself.  The picture of Matt with Sergio the Clown, however, was all mine.  Little pink camera didn't let me down!


  1. Ben doesn't like pineapple either. What is wrong with them?

    And even though I have never met Matt, that photo is hilarious!

  2. I think I want to have it blown up and put above our mantel.

    Pineapple is delicious. Boys are stupid.



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