16 May 2010


So, it was one year ago that a snake jumped out of some bushes in an attempt to murder me.  And it was one year ago today that I decided that I needed to share that information with the world (and by "world" I mean the ten of you who regularly visit). 

I started the blog for two main reasons:  1.)  I had a new camera (well, new to me--it's actually like seven years old) and wanted to figure out how to use it, and 2.) I realized that in my post-college years, I did hardly any writing.  I didn't want to clutter people's Facebook feeds with pictures of random shit from around the house, and I didn't want to forget how to use the English language (though, let's be honest--what I write here is far from what I was able to churn out during college.  I'm getting dumber by the minute.)

What I really like about M Cubed is that it actually pushes me to do things that I might not do otherwise.  If I have a choice between going to some fun event or taking a nap, now there's a 25% chance that I'll go to the event, whereas before there was only a 5% chance.  See how much I'm growing?

My love of blogging has paralleled my love of making cupcakes, and it seems only fitting that I should share my most recent beauties on M Cubed's first birthday.  (Wish they were actually birthday cupcakes; in reality they were cupcakes that I made for my ninth graders the day before their big state test.  Basically, they were my way of trying to bribe them to do well so that I won't feel like such a failure when I see their scores.)

I cheated on these cakes because I used box cake.  I was making 96 cupcakes, so I decided that it was okay.  Plus, just one whiff of that batter shot me back to my childhood.  It's possible that I ate a few [hundred] spoonfuls of the batter.  Oh, also I got the Wilton icing gel colors, and I'm pretty much obsessed.  Fun, garish colors, here I come!

And, as I attempted to get into the mind of a ninth grader, I came up with what is now my favorite cupcake topping:  NERDS!

Oh, and crunched up Butterfinger's not too bad, either.  Then some were just a Pepto-Bismol shade of pink cream cheese icing.

(Oh, and there were some gummy bears.  Mmmmmmmmm, gummy bears. . .)

They were a bitch to transport.  

Okay, it's time for to to have a thirty-minute surge of productivity so that I can go to the beach guilt-free.

(Or maybe I'll just take a nap.)


  1. Yay for the blogiversary! It has been a year full of chuckles.

    PS, I would go straight for the butterfinger topped cupcakes.

  2. Cupcakes looks yummy! Check Michael's and they have these wonderful cupcake carriers. One side is for regular sized cupcakes and the other is mini's. I get those crazy coupons and stock up on the carriers. I think they are usually $20 before the discounts! Beware: carry very carefully though, and try not to hit doors, because cupcakes will do a complete flip, and you will follow that up with a loud scream then frantic meltdown. Good luck!



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