03 May 2010

More Birthdays

Birthday wishes to two of my favorite girls: Opal (2) and the birth control pill (50!). 

Things here are both uneventful and busy.  My days lately have consisted of avoiding unpleasant household chores, baking, ellipting so that I can eat all of the baked goods, and watching Breaking Bad.  I need two productive days to get me back on top of things.  And then I can return to my slothful ways.

Twenty-eight more days with my darling ninth graders.  Hey, isn't that the same amount of time that people often spend in rehab?  Or does it have something to do with zombies?  I have a feeling I'll meet one of those outcomes by June 11. 

Okay, I now have two hours to bake some cookies, ellipt, shower, and fold all of the laundry in the house.  Want to take bets on how many of those tasks I'll actually complete?

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