25 May 2010

This and That

  1. How is it that I'm twenty-nine years old and still manage to get shampoo in my eye at least once a week?
  2. Stefan is my favorite Jeopardy! contestant in eight years.  There's nothing like the Tournament of Champions to make me feel like a complete idiot.  (Except for, maybe, getting shampoo in my eye time and time again.) 
  3. Went to the beach on Sunday.  Wore sunscreen.  Still managed to burn my ass.  Time to break out the satin pajama pants. (Landed a plane on the beach.  Oh, wait. That was someone else.)
  4. Have been having intense hydrangea envy while taking Mitch for walks through the neighborhood.  Decided to take action by buying and planting my very own bushes.  I'm cautiously optimistic.  If this doesn't work, I'm getting a ski mask and skulking around the neighborhood at night cutting blooms.
  5. I love thunderstorms.  So do my new hydrangeas.  Mitch, however. . .not so much.
  6. Thirteen more days of school, but who's counting?  Me, that's who.
  7. Went to Gap and bought two more cardigans.  That's five, for the high price of $15. 
  8. Mitch, still the cutest and most snuggly dog on the planet.
  9. AND. . .Lost.  What the hell?  Why did I just waste six years of my life?  To be fair, I didn't care all that much.  Once I found out what the numbers meant, I was good.  But it's probably good that I didn't care that much, because I might have been heartbroken.  Every time I think of the ending I want to vomit in my mouth and spit it at Kate.  Lame.

1 comment:

  1. After the stupid glowy cave episode of Lost, the finale didn't seem that bad to me.



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