18 April 2011

The ABQ So Far. . .

So, I've been here in Albuquerque since Saturday night.  After a turbulent couple of plane rides (seriously, I had my barf bag ready to go) that included free wine and many a honey-roasted peanut, I finally made it.

 Coming in for landing near the Sandia Mountains.

The only bad thing about arriving in Albuquerque was that I had to bid adieu to my two plane buddies, Vincent the estate lawyer and Steve the science teacher.  If you're in the last group to board the plane and you must sit between two strangers, well, it doesn't get much better than a 61-year old lover of tech gadgets who listens to Slate podcasts and a fellow teacher who bumps around the country in his Volkswagon camper during breaks from school.

From left: Vincent, a very swollen Mandy (I look like a tick!), and Steve.

Since being here I've eaten about seven times as much as a normal human should, but I've somehow avoided becoming too drunk and obnoxious.

This sandwich was much larger and much more delicious than I anticipated.

I drove a brand new car.

Uncle Greg's new ride.

And I learned to make Grandma's Famous Corn Fritters (recipe coming soon). 

I met a woman named Punkin (not the one from Flavor of Love).

And I've had lots of time to relax with my grandparents, and learn more about their lives and to talk and chat and kvetch and laugh.  It's been pretty swell, if I do say so myself.

Oh, and the altitude is killing me a wee bit.  Apparently, because Albuquerque is 6,000 feet above sea level, it's a little tough to breathe for us sea-level dwellers.  So I've been a little tired.  Actually, it could be the altitude, or it could be the fact that I'm basically a sloth.  Shoot.

Oh, also, I packed kind of haphazardly because I might have consumed too much wine on Friday night.  And in my frenzied Saturday morning packing, I forgot to bring my anti-frizz hair stuff.  I figured I'd just buy some at a store once I arrived.  But--BUT!--I don't have to, because Albuquerque has like zero percent humidity.  So I'll basically have soft Pantene-commerical movie star hair for the duration of the visit.  Shoot yeah!

Side note:

I made Grandma and Grandpa take the Myers Brigg personality test.  Grandma is an ESFJ, and Grandpa is an ESTJ.  Basically, they're just one letter away from being the same person!  I am an ENTJ, which means that I'm just one letter away from being him, and it's not all that surprising.  I mean, we even have matching shoes.

Oh, and I'm not sure where to fit this in, but was Granpa a looker or what?  (He's the one in the middle.)

Well, we're off for more sightseeing and eating and shopping.  Hope you're enjoying your Monday!

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