15 April 2011


When he makes this face, how can I not take him for a walk?

Question: Is it okay to drink a glass of wine while taking the dog for a walk?

Answer: Yes and no.

Okay, so it's SPRING BREAK WOO HOO!*

And it's been a tough week at school, so about 3 minutes after getting home I poured myself a glass of wine. But, you know, nobody wants to be the loser who is too drunk and then passes out at 8:00, so I was all determined to pace myself.

And then I took the dog for a walk, and decided that because it was such a beautiful day, and because spring break has finally come, a glass of wine would be a fine accompaniment to the walk.

Mmmmm hmmmmm.

A glass of wine would be nice, but three glasses of wine would be awesome.  So I milked the rest of my box of wine** into a lime green plastic tumbler and set off for a walk with the dog to the park.  Man oh man it was fun!  We met new people and ran and smelled things and barked at the Halloween balloons that are still hanging in the power lines.  (Well, one of us did.  The other just stumbled about.)

During this walk I fell in love with Savannah all over again.  I admired our cute little neighborhood and talked to the old guys walking toward the Sand Gnats stadium with Solo cups full of what I can only imagine was another tasty beverage.  There were little green lizards scampering about, and the Spanish moss*** hung in the most romantic way.  I couldn't help but to think to myself, "How could I ever live anywhere but here?"****

It might've been the booze.  You know, just enough wine to give me the idea of knocking on the door of my favorite neighborhood house to compliment the owners on their decision to paint the shutters purple, but not quite enough wine to drive me to actually knock.

Anyway, I forget where I was going with this whole post.  Now I'm just sitting around listening to Adele (because Entertainment Weekly keeps telling me to) and smelling the ribs that are in the oven.  And drinking a glass of water because Matt insists that I do so.

Happy weekend to you!  I hope you're also on SPRING BREAK WOO HOO!

*Bee-tee-dub, remember when you were a kid and you were excited about breaks from school?  Now, multiply that excitement by about one bazillion and you have the excitement that a teacher feels about those same breaks from school.

**Roughly twelve ounces.  Eek!

***Which I one time heard someone less affectionately refer to as Savannah snot.

****This is kind of unfair, because Savannah is basically ovulating right now.  It's all pretty and temperate and smells nice.  Before long, it'll rear its ugly humid head and get all bitchy and crime-ridden.  Fear not.


  1. Wow, drinking on the street while with a dog. You're like a homeless teen except way better dressed.



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