12 April 2011

You Need Help, Here I am.

Happy birthday to the Civil War!

Also, I don't really care.*

The only thing that this makes me want to do is say, "You need help, here I am" in that Renee Zellweger voice from Cold Mountain.  I've never even seen Cold Mountain, but I laugh because I remember Letterman having that sound byte on a button that he'd push.  Then he'd laugh that awesome Letterman laugh and it would make my heart happy.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find a clip of Letterman playing the byte, but here's the Cold Mountain trailer.  She says it around 1:30.

 *I'm going to go ahead and say I've suffered from Civil War overload, what with having lived in Maryland, the Shenandoah Valley, and now Savannah.  Civil War, schmival war.  Yeah, yeah, guns and hats and gray and blue and blah blah valley mountain blah.  This ambivalence probably makes me a bad American.  But not as bad of an American as the Confederates were!  Ha!

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