14 April 2011

Whaaaaaat Uuuuuup?

Hola.  Yowzers, I've been hella boring lately, huh?

Well, sorry about that.  I've been living in a Diet Dr. Pepper/anger over world 7 of Mario 3 fog.  But a little bit has happened in the interim.  Don't get too excited, though.  It's not exciting.

Here's what going on in our neck o' the woods.

1.  I am thinking of going to my Weight Watchers meeting tonight but not weighing in.  I realize that this is a cheap and cowardly thing to do, but I'm kind of a cheap coward so I don't care.  Also, I just ate about eight pounds of food.  Okay, two.  Maybe what I'll do is drink like a gallon of water and then go weigh in and when they're all, "Mandy, you lard ass, you gained 14 pounds!" I'll be all, "Whatev!  I totally just drank a few gallons of water because I'm healthy."  And then they'll be shamed.

2.  I was so frustrated with world 7 of Mario 3 that I whistled my way outta there.  And then once I got to world 8, I was instantly nostalgic for the days where all I had to worry about was those little plants spitting fire at me.  Plus, I'm like totally out of goodies (raccoon suits, p-wings, etc.) and even though I stocked up on lives at the coin castle, I'm really considering just quitting.  Child Mandy was far superior to adult Mandy, what with her frustration threshold and commitment to a cause.  Adult Mandy's all "F this!  I'm gonna watch Brothers & Sisters!  I'm sick of dyin'!"

3.  Oh, why are Hershey's nuggets so irresistible?  Also, my students had irresistible as a spelling word a few weeks back and all I could think of was the Robert Palmer "Simply Irresistible" video, so I thought that if I showed it to them that it'd help them to remember how to spell the word.  That was a dumb idea, and the kids totally didn't appreciate the video.  Ugh.  Kids these days!

4.  I have sworn off soda after 3 p.m. in an attempt to sleep better and be more motivated.  Two days in, and it's working like a charm.  The house is tidy, the closets are re-organized, and the laundry is done. Do you think this newfound motivation will help me to beat Mario 3?

5.  ONE MORE SCHOOL DAY UNTIL SPRING BREAK!  Whaaaaaaaaaaaa?  Shoot yeah.  And I've got big plans.  Friday night Matty and I are cookin' up some ribs and chillin' like villains, Saturday I'm jetting off to the ABQ to hang out with Grandma Carol and Grandpa B., and then Wednesday I'm headed back east for a few days of lake house fun with the in-laws and Matt.  And then it'll be just six looooooooooooooong weeks until summer.

6.  Had this for dinner last night.  All members of the M3 household approved, especially the furry one.

7.  Have been spending much time fondling my new birthday presents.  Well, not that last one, lest I draw back a bloody nub!

So there you have it--the exciting happenings around our place.  What's going on with you?

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