25 April 2011

Baby Book Party!

I'm generally not one for themed parties.  Usually I just want some good food and some tasty beverages that make my legs tingle and I'm set.  Sure, tissue pom-poms are cute, and the themed parties look fantastic in pictures and whatnot, but it's just not my thing.  Probably because I'm cheap.  And lazy.  Oh well.

But during my cross-country travels this last week, I read about this book-themed baby shower in April's Martha Stewart Living.  And I just loved it!  Everything was so pretty, and most of the decorations seemed to have a practical purpose as well.  I was especially drawn to these book labels and invitations (that you can totally download on Martha's site!).


Aren't they fantastic?  Oh, and again, don't go getting all excited thinking that I'm growing a spawn in my uterus.  I'm not.

But if I keep making my sexy face at Matt, maybe it'll happen one day.

How could he resist these bedroom eyes?


  1. God, Mandy!! You make my day! I love that picture of you...

  2. Do you think that you should put it in a frame? Or on the refrigerator? There's more where that came from!



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