04 April 2011

Weekend Fun

We had a boring, quiet weekend all lined up, and then on Friday I got an email from Hugh (the other part of Hugh and Cassie) saying that he'd be in the SAV for the night.  It was an almost-reunion for our Savannah family (minus Cassie, who was away on a girls' weekend).  Shoot yeah!  We ate and laughed and drank and then ate more because the drink had taken effect and then laughed even harder.  And then I woke up the next morning with a wine headache so bad that I have sworn off wine for at least six days.  Also, I don't have any pictures to show you from Hugh's visit because I forgot to take my camera.

Oh, wait!  Yes I do!  I just remembered!  (see: too much wine drinking).

Also, Brian had 10 pairs of these sunglasses that his mom sent him because they were $.50/each and he's terrible about losing sunglasses.  He was willing to part with one of the pairs, though, and Hugh, for the rest of the night, would incorporate the word sports into what he was saying, and would slowly turn his head to the side and graze the side of the sunglasses with his finger.  When I talked to Cassie this afternoon, she mentioned that Hugh had received some cheap plastic sunglasses during his visit and that he refused to take them off in the house.  Apparently he was playing some indoor sports.

That was the height of excitement for our weekend.  We spent the remaining hours bemoaning Friday night's poor judgment, playing Mario 3*, making marshmallows, catching up with my Brothers & Sisters (both real and fictional), sleeping until 1:00, watching Mad Men, and pretty much just wishing we were as badass as this kid.**

Um, yeah, that kid is riding a skateboard AND playing a trumpet at the same time.  I can do neither of those things.**

How was your weekend?

*Damn you, world 5 airship and fortress!

**Cool: a kid who rides up and down the street on a skateboard while playing the trumpet.  Not cool: the creepy lady who gets caught taking a picture of the kid from her living room window.***

***Guess we're not going to be friends with those neighbors after all.

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