08 April 2011


Okay, so I've been a real slackass lately with the blog.  And with everything else in my life.

Why?  Am I sick?  Am I depressed?  Are Matt and I on the verge of divorce?  Has our internet been out?  Was I bitten by a brown recluse? No, no, no (but he has made me wake up from naps three times this week which is making me consider it), no, and no*.  

Nope.  Just lazy, and unmotivated to do anything but play Mario 3, watch Mad Men, watch Friday Night Lights, eat Hershey's nuggets (damn you, Publix, and your buy one get one free temptations!) and snuggle with the dog.  Oh, and nap.  I've been very motivated to nap.  Last night I took a 6-hour nap.  Yep, Matt was at work (so he couldn't wake me up.  HA!) and I slept from 6:00 until midnight.  It was. . .amazing.**

Just wanted to check in and say what's up.  We've got a fun and relaxing weekend planned, and maybe--just maybe--I'll be able to muster up the energy and motivation to get some stuff done around this joint and then share it with you.  At minimum, I'll post pictures of me lying on the guest bed, playing Mario 3*** and eating chocolates.  Clearly, thirty has been good to me so far.

What have y'all**** been up to?

P.S.--I actually wrote this during lunch, and in the meantime had a work episode that is making my blood boil.  Can't say anything about it here, but I'm suddenly feeling a surge of energy.  Golly, maybe I need to be angry more often!  I'll be super productive then!

*But I do have a really bad mosquito bite.  Can I blame my vegetable state on this?

**And don't even think about going and getting yourself all hot and bothered thinking that I'm with child.  Because I'm not.  

***Send me all of the secrets you remember or find about Mario 3.  I mean, I'm good and all, but it's been like 20 years (ACK!  I can even pull that "20 years" bull jive out and use it for real!) and I don't remember everything.

****How do you feel about y'all?  Love it or hate it?  I love it because I think the English language needs a word like it.  (Spanish has one, after all.)  I also love split infinitives, though.  And excessive parentheses and exclamation points.  And fragments, apparently.

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