19 August 2010

Cheap Wall Art

So, my new favorite room in the house, the Lagoon, is still in need of a few finishing touches.  For one, I need to install some quarter round, since the room used to be a porch and the other day I watched a baby spider crawl in under the baseboards.  Second, I was in need of some wall art.

The one wall in the Lagoon is between 4-5 feet wide, and made of the most difficult material to drive nails into that I could possibly imagine.  (I would bend about 8 nails for every one that I finally got to go into the wall.  There were hammered thumbs, and many a choice word directed at the wall.)  Originally, I had planned to do a little photo gallery featuring some pictures of food, friends, and family.  But then I realized that I would have to drop lots of money on cool frames, and I would have to spend hours upon hours cussing and trying to get nails into the wall.  Plus, I had a revelation: I am no good at constructing photo galleries.  No good at all.  While I'm usually pretty good at spatial relation-type stuff (or, as I tell Matt, I'm good at shapes), there's something about the photo gallery that is just out of reach for me.  Maybe that can be a goal for next summer?

Anyway.  Here's the wall before.

And, here's the wall now, inspired by this post from Young House Love.  (Also, note Mitch's weird "getting off the couch" stretching move in the background.)

Oh, and the cost?  One fifty.  One fifty as in $1.50--as in, cheaper than the Simply Raspberry lemonade that I drank while shopping for the clothespins at Target.  (I already had the ball of twine, a la Gary and Elaine, which I picked up in Target's dollar spot years ago.)

The twine clothesline (or pictureline?) is so fun to me because I'll be able to switch the pictures out any time I want.  (Matt put it well:  "Yeah, and then if Opal really pisses you off you can just rip her picture off, tear it to pieces, and throw it on the floor.")  Cassie brought up another fun point, noting that this will be a great place to hang Christmas cards.  And, of course, if Mitch and I do any paw painting, then I will have a great place to display his creations.


  1. look at you getting crafty! that wall is perfect for your display :)

  2. Oh, I love the Christmas card idea!

  3. Mandy: Drew sent me this post as a decorating suggestion for my new place/new office in Texas. Your energy and ideas are infectious. Thanks for being such an AWESOME crafts/cooking/decorating inspiration.--Jenny

  4. Hey, Jenny! Glad you like the blog (but I steal most of the ideas from other, more creative people). We've been hearing a lot about you; hope to meet you soon.



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