22 August 2010

This and That

  1. Just finished watching True Blood.  I'm about ready for Sookie to get offed.
  2. Brett Favre is such a drama queen!  This is why I broke up with him a few years ago.  Well, the drama queen thing and the way he just couldn't seem to make a decision.
  3. Matt and I have been pro-baby for two full weeks.  That could be a record.  Understand, though, that I'm about to head back to school, and there's nothing like a classroom full of ninth graders to make a person anti-baby.
  4. Thunderstorms = awesome.  Especially because I can cross off "water hydrangeas" from my to do list without having to go outside.
  5. We went back to B. Matthews for brunch today, since last week's experience had been so incredible.  And guess what?  It sucked.  The food and service were lackluster.  Do we chaulk that up to a bad day for the restaurant, or is it just hit or miss at B. Matthews?  Savannah people, any thoughts?
  6. I'm headed back to work tomorrow morning, which I'm actually pretty excited about.  This will be my fifth year teaching (how did that happen?), and I don't think I've ever been this eager to get back.  (I am, however, decidedly less excited about being to school at 7:15 every morning.)  In preparation for the coming year, I have:
    1. Bought new pants.
    2. Bought new shoes.
    3. Bought new anti-frizz hair stuff so that maybe I will blow dry my hair for work and go to school looking like a real girl, not a hobo in a cardigan.
    4. Bought a mini refrigerator. (Cost $50.  Will save me $90 over the course of one year.)
    5. Bought a microwave. (Cost $29.  Decided that the refrigerator paid for it.)
    6. Made a big to-do list of things to do tomorrow. (Two pages long!)
    7. Refrained from drinking wine tonight. (Also, Georgia doesn't sell wine on Sundays.)
    8. Thought a lot about how to tweak my American Literature class. (Less Puritan garbage, more Vonnegut?  Can I swing that?)
    9. Set out my clothes for tomorrow.  (More of the hobo look since it's just pre-planning week.)  Also packed my school bag and set that out for tomorrow morning. (That's where my water bottle and missing sunglasses were hiding!)
    10. Finished this blog post early so that I can get to bed and be at school at 7:15. 
Happy week to you!

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