02 August 2010

Home Again

And. . .we're home.

After eight days and 1600 miles and four different destinations and 13 meals out (ick! and cha-ching!), we're back.  We're back to our king-sized bed (though, I must say that the beds we slept on this trip were quite comfy) and our chairs and our TV and, of course, our dog child.  If we hadn't been so damned tired after our 11-hour drive home yesterday, we might have taped Mitch's welcome home jumping dance.  But, alas, we were exhausted, and it was too dark to take good video.  Let's just say that sometimes I think I should go away for a few days just so that I can see how excited Mitch is to have me return home.  (Granted, that means that I'd have to spend a few days without Mitch, which sends me into dog withdrawal.)

And today I had a lot to do.  I had to take Mitch to the vet to get part II of his dog flu shot (by the way, MY flu shot was free and his was $60), then I had to clean the mold from our hallways (insane heat + insane humidity + attic opening in hallway + bathroom opening to same hallway = hotbed for mold--the property manager will be here tomorrow to do something about it).  Then I vacuumed and ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich because I didn't ever want to eat another meal in a restaurant--at least for a week.  And then we went and saw Dinner for Schmucks.  And then we went to Target.  And then we went to Publix.  And then we came home and unloaded groceries (and by "we" I mean "Matt" because I conned him into doing it by himself).  And then I ran to Target to exchange one of my purchases from the hour before.   And then Cassie showed up for dinner and it was all good, because there were turkey tacos and boxed wine and conversation and wonderfulness.

I love being home.

More tomorrow.


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