29 August 2010

This and That

  1. Tomorrow is the first day of school.  It's my 22nd first day of school, and I still get nervous and excited.  I hope that never goes away.  One of the best parts of teaching ninth graders is that I know that they're so much more nervous than I am, so I try to exploit that and scare them into thinking my class is going to be way harder than it actually is.  Classy, huh?  I can't wait to meet my new kiddies tomorrow morning!
  2. Matt's been gone all weekend visiting his friend Drew in Virginia.  Initially, I was less than thrilled about him leaving me for a whole weekend (because I'm a loser and I never want him to go anywhere without me).  When he told me that during his weekend with Drew he'd be doing fantasy football drafts, though, I couldn't get him out the door fast enough.  I HATE sitting around while Matt does fantasy football drafts, and I always get a little bitchy about how long and drawn out they are.  (Also, he hogs the computer to do them.)  So, really, I believe that Matt's having gone away for the weekend is good for our marriage. 
  3. As much as looking at my toothbrush sitting there all alone in the holder can bum me out, this weekend has actually been pretty great.  I gave our kitchen a little makeover (pictures to come), I got an amazing package in the mail (pictures to come), I watched season 8 of Friends (for the hundredth time), I cleaned, I listened to music and podcasts, and, whattayaknow?. . . I participated in a fantasy football draft of my own. 
  4. My reasons for joining the fantasy football league were threefold. 
    1. I really like the people who are in the league, and since it seems that my Savannah friends all move away, I need to be more outgoing. 
    2. I could possibly win money.
    3. Most importantly, there's a chance that I could win in my league and Matt would lose in his.  I am a bad wife.
  5. Today I bought the Goody spiral bobby pin thing, and I'm completely in love.  I can basically make my hair look like it's in a fancy up-do with no work at all.  Go buy them.  I think you'll agree.
Well, I'm off to pack my lunch for my first day of school.  Wish me luck!

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