08 August 2010

Unforgivable Sin

I'll probably offend someone out there with this, but it's just got to be said.  No self-respecting adult should wear clothing featuring Disney characters.  I know there are people out there who are all ga-ga for Disney and such, and sure, it can be a super fun place to visit.  But if you are old enough to buy a lottery ticket, then you are too old to wear clothing with Disney characters on it.  (And if you're wearing something with Winnie the Pooh or any of his little woodland friends on it, then you should seriously re-evaluate your life.  Either that, or just set yourself on fire.)

So, anyway.  There's that.  It's just one of those little pet peeves of mine.  And while I would be the first to criticize my own fashion sense (or complete lack thereof), and I can admire people who are bold with their own choices, there are just some offenses that I can't forgive.

Well, listen to this.  Last night Matt saw a couple wearing matching tshirts.  Well, not completely matching, because hers was pink and his was blue.  Her shirt featured Minnie Mouse and his featured Mickey Mouse.  And that's not even the most vomit-inducing part.  Their shirts had messages on them.  Hers, "World's Best Mommy-To-Be."  His, "World's Best Daddy-To-Be." 

Seriously.  It's just so bad that I don't even know what to say, except that at least it wasn't Piglet or Kanga and Roo.

I tried and tried, but was unable to find pictures of the shirts on the ol' world wide web.  If you can find one, I will bake you a batch of cupcakes. 

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