11 May 2011

50mm Lens

Last night I borrowed some lenses from our friend Ann who has an old school Pentax SLR.  One of the many reasons that I chose the new camera that I did was because I'd be able to fit old Pentax lenses to it, and I thought I could probably find them for relatively cheap.

So Ann let me borrow a few lenses, and, omigod.  I don't really know much about lenses and what all of that millimeter stuff means (note to self: learn that), but the first one I tried out was the 50mm.  

Um, amazing!  Like, this lens has some sort of  magical property where it just makes everything beautiful.  Ugly stuff--beautiful.  Beautiful stuff--even more beautiful.  Me--f'ing gorgeous!  

So for the last 20 minutes or so I've just been walking around the house taking pictures of things.  I kind of wish that I could see the world through a 50mm lens at all times. (Which is kind of like seeing the world through rose-colored classes, except with blurry backgrounds and less pink.)

Strawberry frozen yogurt that isn't very good.  At least it's pretty. 

 Not dead.  Yet.

Well, with that I'm off to take a nap.  It'll be a quick one.  Only 4-5 hours or so.


  1. My new lens is a 50 mm. I am similarly in love!

  2. Ooh? Really? What does 50mm mean? Other than just plain awesome, of course.

  3. Sorry your are so bad at taking photos. Love these!



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