22 May 2011

Weekend Adventure!

This weekend I ventured to the White Hot house to meet up with Cassie, and then the two of us traveled to Hotlanta to do some serious shopping.  And eating.

Lots of eating.

And lots of laughing, too.

We were surprisingly mild in our imbibing, if only because of early mornings and old age.  Seriously, last night we went to bed at 9:30 and then woke up this morning and chatted about the weather.  Did I just turn 30, or 80?  Maybe it's the grey streaks.


Today's been about reuniting with my little family, and phone talking whilst driving (safety first!), and somehow managing to get lost even with a GPS.  How does that even happen?  (Well, not lost so much as taking alternate routes, forcing the GPS lady to say "recalculating" in a very annoyed voice over and over again.)

Hopefully I'll be able to stay up past 9:30 tonight, and hopefully I'll be able to come up with something to talk to you about other than this fabulous spring we've had.

Pork meatball banh mi.  Make this.  Make it now.

Henry is not my biggest fan, though he and I did share some special days when Hugh and Cassie were on their two-week honeymoon.  Cassie thought I'd doctored the video of him on my shoulders, purring away.  The next time he saw me he hissed at me and ran away.  Just a fling, I suppose.

 Listening intently to Hugh's doctor talk.  Or knife-fighting talk.  I can't remember which.

We're basically like Snoop Dogg.

Could this toad be this toad

 Oh, that face!

Hope you had a lovely couple of days!  What'd you do?  What'd you eat?

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  1. I loved our weekend - elderly behavior and all. Also, why are our pets so beautiful? xoxo



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