23 May 2011

Flip Burger!

One of the destinations during Cassie-and-Mandy's-excellent-adventure-around-the-capital-of-the-great-state-of-Georgia was Flip Burger.   Cassie'd been there a number of times, and every time she would tell Matt and me about one of her visits, we would drool all over ourselves, swearing that we needed to travel up to the ATL to get us some of that deliciousness.  Oh, and also, the chef of Flip Burger is none other than our favorite Top Chef contestant of all time, Richard Blais.

So, yeah, I was more than a little excited to go there.  (I felt kind of bad that Matt didn't get to join me on this trip, but not bad enough to not go myself.)

Every single little detail, every sip, every bite at Flip Burger was incredible, perfect, tasty.  

If I could eat there for every meal from now until the end of time, I would.  (Probably have to get an elliptical installed in the restaurant, though, so that I could live longer and eat more burgers and drink more milkshakes.)

Our trip to Flip Burger wasn't just delicious, though; it was also productive.  It was during our lunch that  I accomplished one of my New Year's resolutions.

See, way back when, when we were ringing in 2011 and nursing our champagne hangovers, I pledged to-- during this, the year that I would turn 30--eat a runny egg.  Because I'm mature like that.  Forget all of this self-improvement rigmarole!  I needed to eat an egg that wasn't scrambled! (BTW, I didn't even eat eggs by themselves until after I had graduated from college.)

I got the pork chorizo burger (which was, by far, the most amazing burger that I've ever eaten--ever), and pushed the top half of the bun down and, eeek!

I was a little afraid.  Okay, a lot afraid.

So I dipped one of the prongs of my fork into the egg and tasted it very gingerly.

And then, an exhange:

Me: Oh, it just tastes like egg. 

Cassie:  Yeah.  What did you think it would taste like?

Me:  Poison slime.  But it doesn't.  It's basically just egg sauce.

Cassie:  You're an idiot.

Not only did I eat an egg, but I also ate honey mustard sauce (must've had some cinnamon or nutmeg or something in it to make it extra delicious).  I'm basically like the most mature, most adventurous eater who's ever lived.*

And then I got a Cap'n Crunch milkshake, which is kind of like taking two steps back from my super mature adventure mode.  Whatev.  It was awesome!  I will be trying to recreate it at home very, very soon.  Someone get me some liquid nitrogen!

Anyway, just needed to share.  Matt and I have big plans to return to Flip Burger in a month or so, and I'm sure I'll have to fill you in on Matt's inaugural visit, too.  What new foods will we try?

*Also BTW, one time I went to a friend's birthday dinner with a bunch of people I didn't know, and I sat across from this guy who basically just bragged about himself for the entire meal.  He kept referring to himself as a very adventurous eater, and with every utterance of that phrase he convinced me more and more that he was, perhaps, the biggest tool on the planet.  But he was an adventurous eater.  Now Matt and I just make fun of that guy.  But that's because we're unadventurous eaters, I suppose.


  1. Oh snap! I'm glad you tried the Cap'n Crunch milkshake. Did it have lots of cereal bits in it, or did it just taste like Cap'n Crunch?

  2. Flip Burger = Delicious. As do runny-yolked eggs (ding dong) and that amazing cocktail. Loved our adventure so much! xoxo

  3. Oh, I must have the Cap'n Crunch milkshake. Did you also know that somewheres on Food Network I saw a Cap'n Crunch french toast that looked ultra yummy?
    ~I'm not anonymous, I'm Heather. Damn you blogger!



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