01 May 2011

Oh, What a Wonderful Weekend.

Um, are you ready to see way too many pictures?  I AM!

Man oh man it's been a wonderful couple of days!

Really, it's been pretty great since we came back from our vacation.  Busy busy, but fantastic.

The only hiccup was that on Thursday night our heater tried to kill us when it switched from air conditioning to as-hot-as-it-could-possibly-go heat.  Seriously.  Hot.  Heat.  Pumping into our house for hours and hours before we figured out we'd have to cut it off at the power source if we didn't want to bake in our own home. (I might have screamed and cried.)  But it's fixed now and we're not dead and nothing in the house was scorched or otherwise ruined, so we're gee-tee-gee.

In other awesomepants awesome news.

My hydrangeas are blooming!  I didn't kill them after all.

Mitch went on a Mitch-venture.  (a.k.a., "His irresponsible parents forgot that they let him outside to roam the neighborhood.")

We went to see Toy Story 3 in Forsyth Park with our buds.  There were kids and babies and glo-bracelets.  And there was wine.  (Because we live in an awesome place that has no open container law.  And, yes, that is part of the reason we moved here.)

I made a delicious cake.  Make this cake.  Make it right now.

And I made another cake that seemed like it was going to be great at first, but ended up being, for a host of reasons, a little bit less successful.

 Mother F.

And we attended Opal's blue-themed birthday party.  And it was fun and delicious.  Like, really fun, and really delicious.

You still haven't made it?  What's wrong with you already?!

And there was Kan Jam, which is insanely fun.

And there were rasterbated pictures.  Sounds dirty.  It's not dirty.

And then there was a little more cake eating.

And there was beer drinking atop a Volvo.

And fancy flower arranging.

And scooting.

 And general adventuring.

And sister eating.

And mind-over-mattering. (Egg allergy be damned!)

I hope that you had as lovely couple of days.  What'd you do?  What'd you eat?

UPDATE:  Also, apparently Bin Laden is dead.  Shoot yeah!  I hated that guy.  Glad to be talking about him in the past tense.

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