13 May 2011

This and That

1. How long do you think it'll take for Matt and me to eat this much basmati?

Damn you, Sam's Club!

2.  Mitch continues to be the cutest animal on the planet, and I continue to be obsessed with Ann's 50mm lens (which I am never giving back to her, FYI).  

Why so serious all the time, dog?

3.  Wouldn't be a post this week without another picture of the hydrangeas that I didn't kill.

4.  I hate mosquitoes.  

5.  I showed this picture of Grandpa B to one of my students a couple of days ago and she said, "Ooh!  Your grandpa was HOT!"  How do you like that, Grandpa?  (Grandpa is blushing right now, probably about to snap those red suspenders of his.  Careful, Grandpa.  Don't want to get the ladies all riled up.)

6.  You know what's delicious?  Sprees.  And the smaller ones are better because they're just a tiny bit softer.  And they're pretty.  And full of nutrition.  And they make you smarter.  (If by smarter you mean fatter.)

7.  Yesterday, during some really exciting EOCT prep with my ninth graders, we were discussing the difference between persuasive writing and expository writing.  One of the students had a very, very interesting question, which then led us into a discussion about the difference between expository and suppository.

8.  That little episode made me check out the calendar to see how many days of school are remaining this year.  Nineteen.  I can do it, I can do nineteen. . .  The countdown is ON, the internet!

9.  I don't think I ever want to live anywhere that doesn't have little lizards running around.  Not so much because I love the lizards (even though I do when they are: behind a window or screen or in one of my paper lanterns, or more than 3 feet away from me), but because I think I am lizard-like as far as my ideal climate goes.  Yep.  Now, if only I could train lizards to eat all of the mosquitoes, then I wouldn't seem like a dirty meth addict all the time while I scratch my one bajillion mosquito bites.  Hmmmmmm.

10.  Well, I've got to get going, because Shecky just called me to rave about her new pajama jeans.  No joke.

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