24 January 2010

Best Dog Friends: A Post from Mitch

Hey you guys, it's me, Mitch. Man, I haven't been on here in forever! Things were just crazy for me during the holidays, and I'm just now getting back on track.

I mean, things were so crazy because I spent a lot of my holiday season playing host to dog friends. Reilly was here for Thanksgiving AND for Christmas, and we had so much fun together. I mean, Reilly is so funny. First of all, he's tiny! Second of all, he has gigantic ears. I mean, his ears are as big as mine, and he's a fraction of my size!

Oh, and I saw Fletcher a few times over the holidays, too. Fletcher seems to be coming around. I only hate him a little bit now. I think he'll be okay once he gets a little more mature. I mean, like, now he just torments me, like, nonstop. He's almost as big as I am now, and he punches! Did you know that dogs can punch? Well, they can, and it hurts.

(Neither Reilly nor Fletcher have tails, and they're both really jealous of mine. And, forgive my conceit, but I have a pretty snazzy tail. When I go to the park I overhear lots of dogs commenting on what a beautiful tail I have.)

I've also been busy lately with the usual: lying in my dirt spot in the back yard, snuggling with my mom and dad, pre-washing the dishes, barking at kids who walk down the street, barking at the mailman, barking at the neighbor when he takes out his trash, and catching up on Madmen. That show has such good writers! Oh yeah, and I've started to pen a new Air Bud movie, but I'm not at liberty to tell you any more than that.

After having Reilly here for so much of the holiday, I've grown used to having another dog friend around.

I kind of miss this little guy. I mean, look at those ears. What'd I tell you?
When he was here, I just wanted to hold onto him and cuddle and be happy.
(And watch Animal Planet and eat homemade treats.)

Me and Reilly, we're like peas and carrots. Now, if only Fletcher would lie down on the couch and spoon with me! Until then, I'll continue growling at him and humping his face. (Face humping is a great remedy for punches.)


  1. These pictures are adorable!

    Ein spends a lot of time threatening to bust people in the mouth at our house. I've never seen him throw a punch though. And he's jealous of Mitch's tail. Ein only has a nub. :(

  2. I really don't understand the point of clipping the tails. I remember hearing some British veterinarian interviewed on NPR, and he was saying that in Britain they don't believe in chopping tails or pinning ears. Seems like a better system.

    Is there a point to the tail clipping or ear pinning, or is it just for looks?

  3. I think docking was orginally done to working breeds to keep them from getting injured, like a herding dog could get bit on the tail by the livestock it herds, and then the bite could become infected. Or I guess a hunting breed could get injured in the brush. I'm sure it was sometimes done for looks though too.

    I do know that they've outlawed it in Britain.

    I feel bad for Ein sometimes, but he was a rescue dog and we got him when he was 7 months old so it had been done well before then. I do sometimes see pictures of American corgis online with their full tails, so I think some breeders are stopping the practice.

    I guess it's just part of the history of domestication of animals by humans. We do some weird stuff sometimes.



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