19 January 2010

Fictional Character Twin

Today one of my Facebook friends posted this as her status:

It's Fictional Character Week! Starting now, post a picture of someone fictional that you think best represents your personality. Be creative. Copy and paste this so we can all play along!>

I didn't want to play this game on Facebook, especially after getting hooked into the "what color is your bra" scheme. SO, I decided that I would instead post it here. Well, even though my ideal fictional-character-that-best-represents-my-personality is Scout Finch:

. . .it's fair to say that I'm less insightful and way too judgmental to be her. (And let's not even get started on The Bruce v. Atticus debate. . .)


So, I'll settle with this character as my personality look-alike. I give you. . .

. . .Drumroll. . . .

. .. Darlene Conner.


Yeah, that seems more like it. Fortunately for me, Matt is way cooler than David (and, P.S., I'm cooler than Darlene--even if we do share character traits and a dry wit).

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