06 January 2010


A few weeks back, I was experiencing a bad case of weather envy. Every single person I know, it seemed, was posting pictures of pretty snow over sparkly Christmas lights, and I was sitting down here in stupid old hot humid Savannah wearing flip flops and a tshirt.

My memory of winter is basically this:

Beautiful, snowy Wilson Hall. Snow days and hot chocolate and hats and coats and scarves (the more garish, the better).

Oh, and my hair always looks so much better in the cold. That's probably because when it's cold I abandon my usual "beauty" routine of going to bed with my hair wet and then throwing it in a very messy ponytail. Instead, I blow dry it and--GASP!--brush it. When it's done I look like a real girl.

I seem to have forgotten about what a cold winter is really like. For the last week it's been in the thirties here during the day, and the twenties and teens at night. That's really f'ing cold! That's Maryland cold!

I forgot about dry itchy skin and having to start my car ten minutes before I leave for work. I forgot about the fact that cold weather makes me, well, cold. And cold isn't so comfortable.

When Shipley gave me my Snuggie last spring, I never thought it'd get this much use! Hell, the Snuggie is even all dirty on the bottom since I've been walking around the house and yard wearing it. (Matt is proud and the neighbors think I'm crazy.)

Tip: you can use a scarf to tie around your waist so that you can walk around wearing the Snuggie.

Now, I don't usually share with you my keen sense of fashion because I don't want to alienate people who may be less fashionable than I am. I know that I'm a regular Lauren Conrad when it comes to clothes, and not everyone can be a Lauren Conrad, so please don't feel intimidated when you view the following.

I give you. . .Snuggie fashion.

Here I was on my way to watch a soccer game.

Happy Hump Day! Keep warm!

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