07 January 2010

Weather Tease

While compulsively checking weather.com today, I saw this.

Rain? Snow Showers? Low of 25? Ice? Snow? No school?

I know that I shouldn't get my hopes up, but the deed's been done. Hopes are up, slippers are on.

And, universe, I deserve some snow because I have resisted--for three full days now--the urge to scream out during class, "Oh my god, it's SNOWING!" and then watch as all my kiddies run to the window only to find disappointment. It was not easy to resist this urge.

I'm in full superstitious mode now, too. I'm going to make sure that everything is ready for school tomorrow. (In high school and college I learned that it would only snow if I'd done all of my homework, finished papers, and studied for any upcoming tests or quizzes.) I'm going to clean the house and iron clothes and bake cookies. I'll have nothing left to do tomorrow except rejoice!

I hope. I hope.

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