31 January 2010

Purple Patent Leather Pumps!

This weekend has been super busy and stressful, but I did manage to find time to swing by my local TJMaxx in an attempt to find some [more] new school shoes. (Yeah, the shoe quest has become a bit of a problem. But since I don't do drugs or steal, I'll hang on to this vice.) I found these. They're not quite as garish as the ones I wanted a few weeks back, but they're still obnoxious and sassy. Perfect.

(What do I love more? New shoes? Or alliteration?)

Look how shiny!

Tomorrow begins the second semester of the school year, and we all know what that means, right? HALF WAY TO SUMMER! WOOOO-HOOOO!

Right now things are looking good. Big project is complete, laundry is done and folded, Matt's cleaning the house tomorrow and cooking dinner. (Matt plays Betty Homemaker on Mondays when he has the day off and I have work and a class afterward.)

This week we're looking forward to Mitch's 6th birthday, another visit by his dog friend Reilly, at attempt at Martha's adaptation of Julia's beouf Bourguignonne (I still don't know how to say it), the premiere of the final season of Lost (tell me what those damned numbers mean already!), relaxing for a minute, and then hosting a Superbowl party. And maybe I'll even do our taxes. Eh, that might be pushing it.

What do you have planned for this week?

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