21 January 2010

Curtains, Curtains!

I'm pretty much obsessed with my new Stockholm Blad curtains. Here are the curtains that we had in the room before. Oh, and by curtains I mean sheets that I had chopped to pieces with a pair of kitchen shears. If I had ever taken a close-up (which I refused to do because they were so hideous), I could show you how the sheets were all frayed and wrinkled. But the best part is how the bottom of the shirtains was about a foot from the floor. It became one of those things I hated, then got used to, then hated again, got used to again, and then, three years later, changed.

(Now, these two pictures aren't a true before and after because of the completely different light, but I have faith that you'll forgive me that sin.)


And after.

I'm in love--with the curtains, of course. . .
. . .but mostly just with this dog. . .

. . .and this hilarious fabric. That there's going to be a kitchen curtain one day--and maybe a pillow, and maybe a jacket, or a pair of boots. The possibilities are endless, really.

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