31 October 2010

A Cookie Recipe from the President?

Three things:

1.  I am not always the most careful of readers.
2. Matt and I (not Mitch, apparently, because we've decided that he's decided that he's a Tea-Partyin' Republican) are Obama lovers.  Yes, still.  And we always get emails from him and his friends.  And they must have my email in their list twice, because I usually get them two at a time.
3.  It's no secret that I'm a big fan of Martha Stewart.  She and I are good friends, and she also emails me pretty regularly.

This afternoon, I logged onto my email [for the 27th time today] and was really confused.  Whoa!  Was the president going to take time on this glorious Halloween to share with me his favorite cookie recipe?  Finally, the democrats are going to stop nagging me to make phone calls and they're going to give me something useful like a new cookie recipe!  And what does Kenan Thompson have to do with anything? 

Then I looked a little closer, and it wasn't nearly as exciting.  Shoot.*

*After approximately five seconds of internet research I learned that Obama's favorite cookie is a chocolate chip one from some diner in Des Moines.**

**What did people do before the internet?

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