04 October 2010

Who Cares What's in Your Bag?

Have you ever seen these "What's in your purse?" blog posts?  I think it's basically what people write about when they're completely out of ideas.  They'll be all, "I carry chapstick and a pen" and then you're supposed to be all "You carry chapstick and a pen?  OMG!  So do I!  We're so much alike!" 


I hate those posts so much.  Unless it's a handgun or a puppy, I don't give a shit what's in your purse. 

Likewise, you probably don't care that I cleaned out my school bag yesterday and, among other more boring items, discovered 10 Pilot Precise V Rolling Ball pens and 52 Sharpies.  And that's not a typo.  I had 52 Sharpies in my bag. 

I like to smell them and I like the colors.  Is that so bad?


  1. I need more information! What were the different colors of Sharpie? How many of each?

  2. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not. Well, I'll tell you anyway. It was the 24 pack of both the fine tip and the ultra fine tip Sharpies and then a few duplicates. I think I have every color of Sharpie, but it's possible that I don't. That was probably way more information than you ever wanted.

    Did you get a new garlic press yet?

    Wow, we've become incredibly boring adults.

  3. Part sarcasm/part interest. I was imagining a whole pile of Sharpies, maybe 15 black, 17 green, 10 red . . . so the explanation that there were packs of Sharpies was enlightening.

    No garlic press yet. Maybe I can squeeze that in to my weekend (no pun intended?).

  4. Fine Mandy! I don't want to know what's in YOUR purse either.



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