24 October 2010


I still can't decide if I think this commercial is funny or not.

How many lizards has she had sex with?  Gross.


  1. Yeah, that weirded me out a bit, too. I keep hoping that one of the Cavemen walk into the boardroom and eat him, and then everyone celebrates by chair-raving to the stack of money song. Then, we all go, "ahh, they had a plan all along."

    No post on Six from Blossom getting married, Mandy? She was the very rare TV "unattractive friend" who was way more attractive than her friend. Blossom is probably moonlighting as a bomb-sniffing dog somewhere.

  2. Blossom is married with two kids and has a Ph.D. in math or biology or something brainy like that. I saw her on What Not to Wear recently - Six nominated her. (I am not making this up.)



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