02 October 2010

Stinkin' Up the Joint.

I love Mitch.

Did you know that?

Yeah, I love him.  I really, really love him.  I love his crooked ears and his fuzzy tail and his singing ability and his mouthiness.

I do not love his latest, shall we say, idiosyncrasy.

Mitch has gas.

Bad gas.

Last night I had fallen asleep on the couch, only to have the worst smell of all time tear me from my slumber.  I was freaking out, demanding that Matt help me find the steaming pile of shit that was somewhere in our house.  The smell was just SO AWFUL. 

But there was no steaming pile of shit.  There was just a farting dog.  A really cute, really sweet, REALLY stinky dog.  It's been so bad that today I had to open all of the windows (fortunately, it was gorgeous outside) and spray a bunch of black raspberry vanilla room spray all over the house.  So then the house smelled like black raspberry vanilla room spray and dog farts.  Fantastic.

And I feel really bad for the pup, because to produce such a god-awful stench, there must be some discomfort inside his little dog body.  From what I've learned from the internet, the cause of the gas could basically be anything.  Most likely, the cause is our allowing him to lick the plates after taco night on Wednesday.  Let me say it first: I am a terrible mother.**

Anyway, I just wanted to know if anyone out there has home remedies for dog flatulence.  I'll make a big pot of chili and some burritos for anyone who can tell me how to get this dog to stop stinkin' up the joint.

Can I give him beano?

(It'll be a while before I'll be using Mitch as a nap pillow, that's for sure.)

**If the insane flatulence continues, Mr. Mitch will be visiting his vet on Monday morning to make sure it's not something serious. 


  1. Use a cork.

    I want my chili and burritos now.

  2. Should I mail them, or drive them up?

  3. I don't have any home remedies, other than not feeding him tacos. Did you change his dog food or treats recently? That could be making it worse.

    When we got Ein, we found that he has terrible room-clearing farts. We did some research and found some book or website that said, "The corgi is known as a gassy breed."


  4. Yeah, the taco feeding thing wasn't my best moment. But I should have added that we've let him lick the plates on taco night before and never had this kind of issue. (Mother of the year, remember?)

    And, no, we hadn't changed his food or treats or anything like that. I am actually wondering if he ate something in the yard. And while Mitch does fart sometimes, it's not often because he's much more of a burper (which is hilarious).

    Today he seems to be feeling much better (after waking me up twice in the middle of the night for emergency bathroom breaks), and the problem seems to have gone away (fingers crossed).

    So can you do anything about Ein's gas? Teach him to burp? More fiber? Less fiber? Avoidance of tacos?

  5. I hope he's feeling better now!

    Ein's gas is not constant or anything. I think he did it more when we first got him, probably because we switched his food and he was sick for a little while with kennel cough.



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