29 October 2010

Fugue State

Here's the thing.  We live on the last block of a dead-end road.  And, as far as trick-or-treaters go, we will only get them if I've forgotten to buy candy.  If I buy candy, however, we will get not a one.  So I buy candy just in case, so that I don't anger any little mutants on the off chance that they will appear at our house in lame-o costumes like "a student" or "a football player" or "a kid."  (Nothing makes me more angry than trick-or-treaters who aren't in costume.  Dress up, dammit!)  Today I told my students that when I get non-costumed trick-or-treaters that I kill them.  I went on to describe the trick-or-treater graveyard in our back yard and to complain about the mess that ensues after killing so many non-costumed candy beggars.  (I'm pretty sure they knew I was joking.)

Okay, so back to the candy.  This year's candy is a Butterfinger trio: classic bars, crisps, and these little snacker things that aren't very good.  And, let's be honest, I only chose a candy that I would like to eat myself.  Or bake with and create special treats for other people.  But really to eat myself.

So in the last 26 hours, I've eaten approximately 7 of these miniatures.  Okay, fine.  I'll deal.  But what I can't deal with is eating miniature candy bars like some sort of zombie.

Tonight, before we got dinner ready, I decided to snack on a miniature Butterfinger Crisp.  Matt told me to stop eating before dinner, so I offered him a bite and we agreed that the candy is quite good (kind of like a Little Debbie Nutty Bar, only better).   

But then I kind of blacked out.  Next thing I knew, I was standing in the kitchen holding a miniature classic Butterfinger--or, shall I say, half of a miniature classic Butterfinger.  I don't even remember getting it out of the bowl or unwrapping it or anything. 

It was a fugue state.  And, when I did some research on the world wide web about fugue states, I discovered:
  • The person in the fugue appears to be functioning normally to other people. However, after the fugue experience, the individual may not be able to recall what happened during the fugue state.
  • Some fugues appear to protect the person from suicidal or homicidal impulses.
Here's what I'm thinking.  My Butterfinger fugue state just saved the lives of some non-costumed trick-or-treaters.

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