06 October 2010

This and That

  1. On Monday I snuggled with Mitch in the bed.  I was hugging him.  An hour or so later I had poison ivy all over my arm.  Seriously? (And it itches like crazy!  Worse than a chigger!  By the way, why are chiggers so funny?  And why is Chigarid even funnier?)
  2. Matt has a cold.  I'm trying to be a nice, good wife who does things like cook chicken noodle soup (and by chicken noodle soup I mean chili cheese dogs--they're good for a cold!) and picks up cough drops and juice at Target and does all of the dishes after dinner. Also I'm doing those things because on Monday I was possessed by the devil and was a super bitch for no reason.  Or maybe I was possessed by poison ivy?
  3. Why are these fries so good?  They also make spicy sweet potato fries!  Confession: we've eaten Alexia frozen fries twice this week.  It's not really a healthy food kind of week.
  4. I want to make these cookies with Reese's Pieces instead of Reese's Cups.  What do you think about that?
  5. Matt is watching the newest Real World/Road Rules challenge, "the fifth major American sport." (Apparently Bill Simmons said that.)  That show's been going on so long that contestants have gotten married and now divorced.  (Gee golly, I'm so surprised, Danny and Melinda!  Was it the steroids or the anger or just the fact that you're both batshit crazy?)  I like watching it because it always makes me feel like I'm a superior human being.
  6. I think that when the contestants on Real World/Road Rules challenge need to feel superior, they turn on Teen Mom.  Last night I ellipted for an hour, completely fueled by the anger of watching Amber, Maci, and Catelynn's whore of a mom.  I think Amber is actually the worst human being on the planet.  I hate her with my heart and with my soul.  How many times does she need to hit Gary and scream at her child before someone rescues her child from her?
  7. It was picture day at school.  I HATE picture day.
  8. I'm making these tomorrow, but with cherries.
  9. The weather is out of control perfect this week.  Can it just stay like this until the end of time?
  10. Mitch is currently sitting on Matt's lap, being really sweet.  It just seems sweet, though.  Really, he's trying to take Matt's cough drop out of his mouth.  Mitch loves cough drops.


  1. It seems like the dough of that peanut butter cup cookie becomes mixed in with the peanut butter filling of the cut-up peanut butter cups. So I'm wondering how they would come out differently with Reese's Pieces, since they're candy-coated. I'm sure it will taste good - just wondering if the texture will change.

  2. Mitch and one of my sister's boxers would get along great. Except you might not Mitch hanging around a dog who likes pills as much as he does. He has a problem with scrips.

  3. Carly, the cookies were good. Different, but good. I'll post about them. You're right that the texture is different, but it's good different. Not better, not worse, just different.

    Steve, Mitch would kill a hobo for a cough drop. I think we'll keep him away from pills for now, since he seems to have inherited his father's addictive personality.

  4. 1. i think that because Alexia foods are "all natural" you can consume them as often as you'd like. I've convinced myself that the onion rings are healthy.
    2. Amber should be thrown in jail. Her little girl is going to be totally f-ed up.
    3. My husband also thinks Real World/ Road Rules challenge is amazingly entertaining.

  5. Ooh! Are the onion rings good? We haven't had them yet.

    I wish that Amber and her mom had both been diligent with birth control. Why does Gary think he loves her?

    There is a certain magnetism to the Real World/Road Rules challenge. Matt watches The Real World sometimes just to get a look at new meat for the challenges. It's ridiculous.

    Glad Reese is okay! Poor little guy.



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