13 November 2009


Dear Comcast:

I know that we have a long history together. Remember the good ol' days, those filled with Family Ties and Joe Millionaire and high speed internet? Remember all of the hours that we have spent together, and all of the dollars that I have sent your way?

I am growing close to ending our friendship. It's a give and take, you see. I give you what could amount to a car payment each month, and you give me fast internet service, DVR, more channels than I could ever watch, and On Demand. Or so I thought.

Comcast, your On Demand is a suckfest. Why, when I go to watch this week's episodes of The Hills and The City, do you only have the most recent episode of The Hills? Listen, if it's one or the other, I choose The City. The Hills jumped the shark long ago. Sure, I still watch it, but it's become less and less enjoyable and more staged than ever. But The City is hip and fresh, and stars Kelly Cutrone! And I love to hate Olivia even more than I loved to hate Spencer Pratt.

This is not the first time you've denied me an episode of the best non-reality, reality soap opera on television today. No, because last season I never got to see the finale because of your On Demand ineptitude. I want The City and I want it NOW.

Fix it! If you don't, consider our long-standing friendship effectively ENDED.

Yours truly,



  1. Hi Mandy,

    I will check with my local contacts regarding this. If a show is not available on On demand, it is by choice of its network, not Comcast. The shows are supplied by the network. If the new shows are not supplied by the network, it will not be available on On demand.

    What area are you from and what is the latest episode on your On demand?


    Mark Casem
    Comcast Customer Connect
    National Customer Operations

  2. Pretty impressive that you got a reply!



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