26 November 2009

Fashion for Pups

In addition to the human guests we're hosting this Thanksgiving, we've also got Reilly, Mitch's dog friend. Reilly's become one of the family, and the big dog/little dog dynamic never fails to amuse me.

They're in a snuggling competition. Here they are snuggling on the couch with Grandpa Bruce.

The dogs have developed similar traits, in large part because Reilly emulates Mitch's every move. If Mitch does something, so does Reilly.

Except for one thing, wearing clothes. Matt laid down the law when we got Mitch (and by "when we got him" I mean "when I birthed him") and said that Mitch is not allowed to wear clothes. Really, the rule is that I'm not allowed to torture my big furry dog with unnecessary and silly clothing. It's fair, I guess. I just buy him snazzy collars to keep him fashionable.

But Reilly IS allowed to wear clothes; in fact, when it's cold outside, they may even be necessary. He shivers if he's not wearing them!

So I always buy clothes for Reilly--only the most stylish and trendy pieces, of course. For example, this ugly dog Christmas sweater from the $2.50 bin at Target. Are you kidding me? Ugly sweaters for dog? SCORE!

Also in the $2.50 bin was this little '80s throwback jacket. This one makes him look like he could be a character on Wet Hot American Summer.

But one piece of attire that I didn't get Reilly, but that he showed up to our house wearing, is his Snuggie for dogs. Yay.

We've already discussed the hilarity of the Snuggie/Snuggie for Dogs, so it probably won't surprise you that this picture was on the back of the box.

Reilly sports his Snuggie with pride. He loves the warmth it provides, and he loves to wear it when he's reading (using the bonus book light!). Really, he loves all of his clothes.
And they don't slow him down a bit.

(One of the best things about dogsitting Reilly is watching him and Mitch take turns chasing one another around the back yard.)

Happy Thanksgiving to you! I must go baste!

**Yes, I've read, too, that basting is unnecessary, but I like it, and I just brush butter and spices over the bird. Matt loves what it does to the skin, and would be heartbroken if I did anything differently.

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  1. ok dressing is just wrong but when its my brothers dog its just plain funny...love you guys happy thanksgiving



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