11 November 2009

Miniature Pets!

Matt and I have spent much time debating whether or not Mitch needs a dog brother. Pretty much every time I see a puppy and smell puppy breath, my entire being yearns for a new pup.

Through our deliberations, however, we've realized that we are good as a trio, and that another dog would not necessarily increase the quality of Mitch's (or our) life. He's an only dog. He's also spoiled.

I think I've stumbled upon a solution, though. Why another dog? Why not another type of animal? Mitch has, of course, decreed that no cat enter our household, but would he be happy with a miniature hedgehog brother, Millard?

Or a pygmy horse, Mickey?

I know I would love to give Mitch a goat brother, Miguel.

The best is the micro pig, though. I'd name him Mario, and I think he'll be a great addition to our little family.

Come on. These pictures make me shriek because I'm so overwhelmed by the cute. Absurd.

(I stole all of the pictures from The Guardian. Read the full article, and see all 20 pictures of miniature pets.)

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