27 December 2009

New Shoes!

The time has come for me to buy more new shoes for school. The other day I was sitting at my desk and smelled a terrible odor. And then I realized. . . it was my feet. My shoes stink, and I need new ones.

So this afternoon I braved the mall (hoping that all of the Savannahians would be at church), and walked into Aldo, one of those stores that intimidates me with its music and stylish employees. It didn't help my cause that I was wearing a bright red sweater and hot pink flip flops, the kind that you wear in the shower in a college dorm. Is colorblindness contagious? Oh well. I didn't go to Aldo to make friends; I went to buy some shoes. And I wanted to buy these.

But I thought better of it, and bought these instead. They were only $30!
But I should go back and buy the purple ones, right? Right?

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