03 June 2011

Big Time Sports Fan

Tonight I watched basketball.

And I know a lot about basketball.

I know that you'll probably be better at basketball if you're tall.

I know that you'll probably be better at basketball if you have good aim.

I know that basketball will make you tired.

I know that it looks easy to palm a basketball but it is not.

I know that basketball has started to suck more in the last decade or so because it's all about these big douchey stars who are ball hogs and take all the attention for themselves and it's less about teamwork.

I also know that basketball shorts are way longer now than they used to be.


Told you I know a lot about basketball.

Anyway, I watched basketball tonight and it was really exciting.  Usually I don't care about basketball (probably because I know everything there is to know about the sport), but I cared tonight for two reasons.

1.  About five years ago, Miami and Dallas played basketball for the championship and Miami was down by a bunch of games and Matt bet a bunch of money* to guys at work that Miami wouldn't come back to win.  Miami def came back to win.  That sucked.

2.  I've had a running joke with a student of mine about Dwayne Wade, who the student claims is "the rawest in the nation."  I've insisted that, no, Dwayne Wade is the least raw in the nation, and that I read on Facebook that Michael Jordan is the one who holds the "rawest in the nation" title.  It's been kind of like this:

Except not as angry.

Anyway, after tonight's game (during which Dallas was VERY good at basketball, and Dwayne Wade was not really all that raw at all), my student*** might find this picture accidentally taped to his seat.  Or maybe I can get the art teacher to make a button out of it for me?

I haven't been this excited to go to work in a long time.

Hope your Friday is raw.

*Bunch of money like "Oh, shoot, we totally could've gone to Applebee's** like two or three times with that money" bunch of money.  Not like a Brandon Walsh seeks out a loan shark sum of money.

**It was five years ago.  And we never claimed to have good taste.  I'd still fight a hobo for a plate of their nachos.

***This is the same student who once said to me, "I know you're gonna miss me when I'm gone," to which I replied, "Yeah, why's that?"  "'Cause you're gonna miss my club moves."  He then proceeded to dance (very well, I might add) his way out of the classroom.

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