27 June 2011

Week o' Fun!

Here's the thing.  I've spent the last eight days of my life consumed by the living room project.    And because of the living room consumption (not to be confused with the consumption that Satine had in Moulin Rouge.  Oh man, I totally need to watch Moulin Rouge again.*), and because of the probably toxic fumes I've been inhaling for hundreds of hours, I haven't been able to think straight.  And add a little bit o' leprosy to that and you've got a girl who's a sloppy mess.


But the living room's basically done now, and I've got some Benadryl (which makes me sleep like a mofo), and I'm entering that part of summer where I don't even know what day it is (shoot yeah!), so hopefully there'll be some clarity on this end.

In the meantime, here's what this week looked like, the mostly black and white version.  So, this is what this week looked like to Matt, that colorblind fool.**

Trivia night with Matt.   

 Girls' Night.

 Big sister, baby sister.

Sammy Green's delivery.  Savannah people, go there to eat.  It's fantastic! 

 Totally taking Reilly to Chick-Fil-A on Thursday.

Celebrating four years married with French dip sandwiches! 

 Big ol' dog thinks he's a lap dog.  It's okay by me.

Never been so happy for glass. 

Laundry monster.  The rest of the house has gone to hell while I've been slaving away in the living room.

 Little dog got a bath and needed to dry off quickly.

Happy Monday to you!

*Speaking of Moulin Rouge, Martha Stewart now has a line of glitter paint at Home Depot.  I really want it, but am torn because I feel like I'm too old for glitter paint.  Thoughts?

**Matt is about one hundred times smarter than I am, so I like to pretend like his being colorblind means that he's not smart.  It comes in handy during Trivial Pursuit.***

***Also, Matt is so colorblind that he can't even see my leprosy, so that's nice.  It's almost like permanent beer goggles.  

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