01 June 2011

This and That

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1.  Cassie spends the night at our house once a week now so that she doesn't have to stay in a hotel when she comes to the SAV for work.   We call it Sleepover Tuesday, or ST.  Every week we say that this will be the week that we don't drink wine.  And then, inevitably, every week we find some reason that we need to drink wine (like, "Wine is delicious" or "I had to go to work today.")  So, with every ST, there seems to be a HW.  Shooooot.  This week, though--BECAUSE WE'RE AWESOME!--we managed to imbibe responsibly.  You know it's sad when the content of your email exchange during the day is just self-praise for not being hungover.

2.  I will never learn which ones are the high def channels.  Matt insists that they're actually easier to learn, but, hey, I'm an old dog.  And it wasn't terribly convincing when he tried to point out the difference between high def and non-high def by using MSNBC's Lockup.

3.  Also, who the hell watches Lockup?  Couldn't MSNBC make more money showing reruns of Friends or something?

4.  Slate is totally making me self-conscious about my overuse of the dash.  F you, Slate!  Just for that, I will keep reading you all day every day.  And I will use more dashes than ever.  And fragments.  (And parentheses.)

5.  I've been an ellipting fool lately.  It's a good thing, too, because I quit Weight Watchers a couple of weeks ago.  I figured that since I quit my second job, I didn't need to be spending $40/month just to feel more guilty about eating cake and ice cream.

6.  Seven more days of school with my kiddies!

7.  Brag time.  Totally whipped up a cake on the fly for Iris's pre-birthday celebration last night.  And it was, um, out of control delicious, and beautiful.  Cassie had the idea to swirl Iris's favorite colors in the batter, and then she made an i stencil for the top.  It was a completely last-minute decision to even make the cake, and it ended up being just lovely.  And we didn't have any birthday candles, but we did have a tall hot pink taper candle that Iris jammed into the cake.  Two years ago I didn't even know that vegetable shortening could go bad (it can, by the way, especially if it's been in your pantry for five years), and now I'm just baking a cake from scratch in less time than it takes to watch an episode of True Blood.  So proud!

Hope your Thursday is the bee's knees!  Thursday's going to be a doozy here.  I'm already thinking about my Friday afternoon nap.


  1. Three cheers for ST! And for a H-free W! Also, let's open a bakery where you bake and I decorate and then we pay ourselves in Vanilla Bean Cake. Deal?

  2. You are a very amusing writer. I enjoyed #s 1-7. Also, the cake looks yummy.

    I'm trying to figure out how to enter the HomeGoods contest beause I love that place & I can't say enough good things about them. I got here from your MCubed Reviews page but it confused me. So does the H-G page about the contest. Don't worry about answering. I'll figure it out.



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