24 June 2011

What Did I Do Before the Internet?

We're in full on project mode around these parts, and, frankly, I'm tired of painting and scraping and scrubbing and vacuuming.  So I'm finding an escape in my old friend, the world wide web.

Five things I love from the world wide web right now:

2. This explanation for why, perhaps, I never bathe.  It's because I have so many friends!  (Except that it's not because I don't like people enough to have a lot of friends.)

3.  Pinterest.  It's really addictive.  Join it with me and we can pin things and waste time and be inspired.  Let's do it!

4.  This hanging lantern light.  I want it.  I think I need to make it.

Well, with that I'm off to eat my bowl of breakfast cereal and then to tackle my massive to-do list that includes: painting, scraping, sanding, scrubbing, vacuuming, laundering (clothes, not money), puddinging (that is a word I just invented, Mr. Webster), and, of course, taking breaks to explore the world wide web.

What are you loving on the internets these days?

1 comment:

  1. OMG I want to own a wild cat with the temperament of a dog. YES please YES!!!!! I bet it's expensive, though. What would they do if I requested panther????? (this is a hilarious joke to me right now)



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