24 June 2011





It's technically been summer since Monday, but I've had things to do all week (puppysitting, classroom moving, attending a training that sucked my soul out of my body as though it was a cat and I was an infant) so today was the first day that really felt like summer.  And you know what summer means?

It means sleeping until I don't want to anymore.

It means eating cereal for breakfast when I decide to get out of bed.  (Don't eat breakfast during the year because I wake up approximately 12 minutes before I leave for work.  There's no time.  Hush, Cassie.)

It means calling Caitie in the middle of the afternoon.

It means thunderstorm Kongs for neurotic pups.

It means projects.

It means watching crappy movies on HBO.

It means chillaxin.

And as fun as it is to chillax, after a while I start to feel like too much of a blob, so I need direction.  It's time for the ol' summer to-do list.  Here's mine for the next two months of my life.

Summer To-Do

  • Clean out and organize office (house catchall for all crap, junk, and things I don't want)
  • Move white dresser into guest room; rearrange if necessary
  • Re-do living room (major project)
  • New curtains for bedroom?
  • Ellipt for 4 hours each week
  • Take Mitch for 3 walks minimum each week
  • Get tan responsibly
  • Get a haircut--too hot outside
  • Plan for next year's classes
  • Buy and dye new couch cover
  • Master new camera lenses
  • Paint furniture in living room
  • Have fun with Chloe
  • Go to the lake
  • Go to Atlanta with Matt (FLIP BURGER!)
  • Put together gallery wall in living room
  • Put together gallery wall in bedroom
  • Touch up paint in kitchen 
  • Learn to sew
  • Catch up on Parks & Recreation on Netflix instant (whilst ellipting?)
  • Put quarter round down in Lagoon
  • Freshen up Lagoon
  • Learn to do yardwork
  • Make back yard a place where people could hang out
  • Make front yard a place that doesn't embarrass us and our neighbors
  • Become a person whose car is not filthy 
  • Read five books
So, that's what I've got right now.  Three cheers to a productive and relaxing summer!

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